Friday, July 23, 2010

A pledge to myself

The following pledge popped up while I was working on my computer.
It’s psychic because it is exactly the thought running through my psyche and displayed in my some of my actions since past couple of months. I wish I’m able to practice it whole-heartedly for life.
“I'm poisoning myself and my world. By polluting rivers, oceans and the soil with toxic waste.
Waste that is produced, consumed and disposed off by no one else, but me. 
And nature has its way of making things come a full circle.

So these poisons end up in our bodies through water, soil and various other means, resulting in every living species having at least 700 man-made chemical contaminants in their bodies.

But now I won't keep quiet.
I won't destroy myself and my world.
I will reduce, reuse and recycle.
I will only buy products that I require.

I pledge to do my bit for a toxic-free future. My future.”


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