Friday, July 6, 2012

Frandships and friends

Time flies faster than Rajnikant! I'm coming back after two months! Hopefully I'll be regular from today. I'm already grinning cause I know that's never gonna happen.

Last two months were wonderful. May and June were the months of friendships and gatherings with some of my best'est' friends. Some new, some old, some sober and some with whom you could just laugh your guts out loud (really LOUD). Friends definitely put me in an very good mood as there's more (nonsensicallaughter when I'm with my friends. 

There are others whom I would like to meet but somehow its not happening. Of course, I know that I need to take out time and blah, blah, and blah. But sometimes, it just not possible. I never really thought this day would ever come when I'd get so busy that I won't be able to take out time for my friends. I used to laugh at people who'd say, 'Oh! we are married, so you's difficult'. Well, now I know what it's like to get married. Basically, you loose all your FREEDOM! Not exactly, but yeah.

That's why I'm going to pledge to meet (atleast) one set of my friends every month.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I hate/love cooking!

I really don't like to cook. Well, I wouldn't of course mind if there were somebody to do the preliminary stuff of chopping and cleaning vegetables and also to do the post-cooking affair of cleaning up the whole mess. :) 

But well, yes, I do enjoy it at times like I did today, and the dal and bhindi-curd turned to be quite nice, edible and most importantly tasty.

The microwave's lying wasted. I'm yet to try it to make some food and not just use it as a heater. Probably, this coming weekend I will. I must! 

Now, that's a resolution.

Monday, April 30, 2012


In my quest to make a world a better place to live, I started researching on ways and means to spread awareness on education with the sole aim to make life better.

Now, it does help when you share your thoughts with everyone around you. One of my colleagues promptly dug her memory and recalled a training session wherein another brilliant colleague (rather a senior) had enlightened the group about hole-in-the-wall by sending them this link.

Hole-in-the-wall is a brilliant concept envisaged by Sugata Mitra in the field of primary education for under privileged kids living in remote locations in rural India. 

It started out as an research experiment on unsupervised learning with computers. 

In a hollow space of a wall, a computer was installed to be freely accessed by everyone and anyone. Some of the tiny super curious beings – children – from the nearby area fiddled with the device for a while and viola! – the children had taught themselves to use the computer. That was not the end of it, the kids not only learnt basic math and science, but also taught themselves English because the computer spoke just English. The kids were learning and teaching their peers – without the intervention of any teacher.

This idea completely blew my mind! I was so impressed by the simplicity of the idea and the curiosity of the young kids.

This is one of my favorite sites that I visit whenever I’d like to get inspired. Someday I’d like to contribute to an idea worth spreading and be featured on TED! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

A long time...

Seriously, I had forgotten the existence of my own blog!
But, now that I'm back, I'd better stay here. It's time that I write for myself again.
Happy New Year! :)