Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I hate/love cooking!

I really don't like to cook. Well, I wouldn't of course mind if there were somebody to do the preliminary stuff of chopping and cleaning vegetables and also to do the post-cooking affair of cleaning up the whole mess. :) 

But well, yes, I do enjoy it at times like I did today, and the dal and bhindi-curd turned to be quite nice, edible and most importantly tasty.

The microwave's lying wasted. I'm yet to try it to make some food and not just use it as a heater. Probably, this coming weekend I will. I must! 

Now, that's a resolution.


  1. really i also dont like cooking but we have to do so try.......

  2. Hey Suman,
    You can cook so many things and you used to have so many ideas! bake a cake :D
    I hate to admit it but even I'd rather cook only on special occasions :)


  3. Those were the days Sakhen! :( And Snigdha, thanks for the sympathy... :)